Accountant General (Audit), Meghalaya


Tender Notices

Notice Inviting Tender for procurement of Computer/UPS/Projector


Notice Inviting Quotation for supply of Computer Stationery

Notice Inviting Tender for Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) of Computer Hardware

Quotation for Computer Stationery

Quotation for Printing of Monograph

Quotation for Hiring of Car for Office

Quotation for hiring of car for the Office of the Accountant General (audit) Meghalaya, Shillong

Notice Inviting Quotation for Printing of Monograph

Notice Inviting Tender for Computers and Peripherals

Sealed bids are invited from persons intending to purchase a Maruti Esteem (White) car of 2007 model (ML/05/F/0200) to be auctioned by the office

Tender for Purchase and Installation of Optimizer

Extension Notice for Modular Furniture

Tender for Purchase of Modular Furniture

Detail Specification for Modular Furniture